Adopting a dog is a 15 year commitment.

Golden Retriever Adoption is a Lifetime Commitment

Thank you very much for your interest in adopting a rescued Golden Retriever dog from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, GRRR, Inc. If you can provide a lifetime, loving and caring home this special golden retriever deserves, we want to be able to offer you a dog that will be a wonderful and good fit for your family and life style.

Our rescue is a non-profit organization run by a very small group of dedicated volunteers. That being said, adoptions can take 1 to 8 weeks depending upon the dog and where you live. There is a process behind each adoption.

Our golden retriever rescue serves the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana areas. These areas include; all of northwest Ohio, parts of the Dayton and Columbus areas. We also adopt golden retrievers to lower SE Michigan and many cities within Indiana, closer to the Toledo Ohio area. We will adopt to any area within these three states where we can do a home visit by a trusted volunteer. Dogs are family to us and we love each and every one of them that comes into this rescue and we are committed to that dog for the rest of its life.

Please understand no one gets paid one dime, not one. In fact, it often costs money to volunteer. Most people who volunteer for rescue have jobs, a family and usually many dogs. Our volunteers work one or two jobs and balance family and an outside life around rescue. Trust us, we wish we can make a living around rescuing dogs. We would put a lot more time into it if we could. We actually wish there wasn't a need to rescue dogs at all, but of course there is.

We understand like everything else we all want whatever "it" is right now, whether a cup of coffee, a new car or a dog. But before you get upset about how long the adoption process takes, please consider that we are doing the best we can. So don't yell at us for taking too long or for adoption policies you deem unfair. These policies are typical of all golden retriever rescues. They are put into place after years of volunteering in dog rescue. So, be nice as truly it is the only way to be in life.

Below is a lot of information, but it is important you read through this material before you consider adopting one of our rescued golden retrievers. So sit back, relax and let's dive in...

Dog Adoption Policies

You must physically live in the great states of Ohio, Michigan or Indiana. These areas include; all of northwest Ohio, parts of the Dayton and Columbus areas. We also adopt golden retrievers to lower Michigan and many cities within Indiana. We will adopt to any area within these three states where we can do a home visit by a trusted volunteer.

1. Inside lifestyle with a safe, supervised outside environment, a fenced yard is required. No boundary training (meaning not off-leash in the yard unless there is a physical fence or the dog is trained to your invisible fence boundaries). There are no exceptions and a fence must be installed prior to adoption. Invisible fences are allowed, but do depend upon the dog and prey drive level. We still get many emails asking for an exception and we're very sorry, but there are no exceptions. If you adopted a dog from us in the past when our fenced yard policy wasn't in place please contact us. Here's why this policy was changed and put into place.

Why a fenced yard? Click here!

Here's why...

A fence is just an added security measure because people do tend to start to trust their dogs to go out and do their business and they look away and the dog is gone. Unfortunately, we had dogs lose their lives because their owners trusted them to stay in the yard. The policy had to be put in place because we were wasting a lot of time on people who would insist they would not boundary train the dog, then a few months later the dog would be found wandering because it was "trusted" by the person who didn't feel like going outside when it was -10 degrees.

Every time we get a younger golden retriever in to our rescue, we have approved candidates waiting. We started laying down guidelines because we all are volunteers and our time is so limited. We need to be as effective as we can in rescue, and our number one concern is the dog. As with everything, when rules are made there are people that are unfairly affected. This could be you and for this we are truly sorry. However, when we break the rules for one then there is another whole gray area that forms and causes more problems than it solves.

We hope this answers your questions as to why the fenced yard policy is in place. We are not in a hurry to place these dogs, they are in loving foster homes while they wait to go to their forever home. Because of this, we have a very high success rate with dogs actually staying in their forever home. They have been through enough being in rescue in the first place.

Also, the dog must be given time to adjust to his or her new surroundings. This is extremely important because it takes time for a dog to adjust to a new home environment, approximately 4 weeks or more.

2. Dog will be returned to this rescue if the adopter cannot keep the dog for any reason. We want and will take the dog back. You also understand this dog cannot be sold to anyone, ever.

3. The dog will have shelter from the elements at all times, a fenced in area or on-leash area when outside and be given good quality nutritional food and clean drinking water.

4. The dog will wear a collar with current license tags and ID tags. This is also very important and ESPECIALLY important when the dog first arrives in a new home situation. Your dog must be licensed within 4 weeks of acquisition.

5. The dog will kept kept on leash whenever outside of fenced area. The dog will never be transported in an open truck.

6. The adopter may be required to successfully complete a basic obedience class (s) with the dog.

7. The adopter agrees to notify Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, GRRR, Inc. with any address or phone number change.

8. By adopting a dog from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, you are allowing us from time to time to check back in on dog, including readmission for a home visit to assure compliance with this agreement.

9. The adopter agrees to notify Golden Retriever Rescue Resource if the dog is ever lost or stolen so that we can help you immediately.

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The Golden Retriever Rescue Dog Adoption Process

Please first become familiar with the golden retriever dog breed and make sure this is the right breed of dog for you and your lifestyle.

Please be patient. We already said this above, but we better say it again. We are all volunteers and no one gets paid. You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the status of your application. Check your spam folder for a response from our rescue or a volunteer as well, as our responses sometimes end up there. If we do not contact you back within a week, please email us

FAQ? Why does the adoption process take time? Click Here!

Here's why...

As mentioned above, we are all volunteers with lots of things going on in our lives, but we have a passion for saving these dogs. Along with taking applications, doing vet checks and home visits to place dogs, there is MUCH MORE that goes into rescue. We have to make arrangements to transfer dogs in to our program (travel). This includes making sure that the incoming dogs have transportation, a foster home upon arrival, proper medical care and so on. We have to make sure the dogs picture gets taken, copy developed and implemented on our website and Petfinder sites and on to a variety of social media outlets. We have to arrange for adoption events to be held and also find volunteers at these adoption events, special events and to help raise dollars (fundraising) to pay for the extra ordinary medical expenses we pay on many of our dogs; hip replacement, tumor remove, cancer treatments, etc.

This is ALL done by a very small, dedicated group of people that can only cover a small geographical area. So when you are applying to adopt, please have patience. We also have strict rules; so if things don't go your way, please don't get mad. It certainly doesn't help your blood pressure and we don't need nasty emails or social posts. You are not hurting us, only taking time away from dogs being saved. We put these policies into place after years of experience why it doesn't work the other way; no fence, small children in the home, etc. We spend a lot of time saving these dogs and we want to make sure they go to the very best possible home for them and that is where they will live out the rest of their lives. We "beg" you to understand this, thank you.

You will fill out an adoption application for your first part of the screening process. If you've had dogs in the past, we will contact your veterinarian regarding the care of your animals. We do require your dogs, past and present be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vet care and be placed on year round heartworm preventative Read why your dog should be on heartworm preventative year round here.

You will be contacted for a home visit. Please do not let us do a home visit if you are not truly serious about adoption. This takes so much of our time away from saving other dogs.

The home visit is required with all adoptions and does not guarantee the adoption. We cannot Facetime or Skype the home visit and it must be done by a trusted volunteer. If you are approved at your home visit, you will be contacted by the Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Adoption Coordinator volunteer for placement. Again, depending on your lifestyle, needs and characteristics desired, adoption can take from one week to eight weeks depending. Wait times are longer for families with children or special requirements such as specific age, dog coloring and dog gender. If you are waiting for a golden retriever 6 months and under, we highly suggest you consider an adult golden retriever and or even a senior golden retriever where many times all the work; training, housebreaking, etc. has been done for you already. Seriously think how much time you have in your life to devote to a dog.

The dogs in our program are in private foster homes. Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc. does not have a shelter family, so there is no way to "view" a selection of dogs, other than through out website or our adoption events.

If you have a question on the status of your dog adoption application, please email us. We regret we do have have a staff to return phone calls requesting the status of applications. We appreciate your patience as we are a 100% all volunteer organization without a paid staff.

How can I adopt a golden retriever?

Our Priority Is A Successful Dog Adoption For Life

Our adoption success rate of 99% proves that the time we take UPFRONT to match the right dog to the right family is well worth it! Because our dogs are in foster homes, we know a lot about their likes, dislikes, level of training, etc. This is something you will not get by adopting a puppy or a dog in a "shelter" environment.

Typically we prefer that you own your home as we've had many dogs turned into us because of people having to move to a place where they cannot take their dogs. Golden retrievers are very energetic and busy dogs up until 6 years old and longer. They need lots of room to play and lots of exercise. A lot of dogs are also very loud dogs and tend to bark at anything and everything. Apartments generally do not have fenced yards accessible for dogs to be easily let in and out and lots of times the fenced areas are community areas. This is not ideal for most dogs, but especially for larger rescue dogs. Although most of then tend to be okay with other dogs, some golden retrievers simply are not.

Some applications are not approved. You have to understand this is nothing personal. We just take into consideration the special needs of rescue dogs and base decisions on information you provide on your application, so please be as thorough as possible. If you feel you have been rejected inappropriately and would like to be reconsidered, please contact us by email.

We have the right to reject any applicant for any reason.

Medical Care

Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR, Inc.) dogs have all received current veterinary care: rabies update, DHLP update, fecal exams, heartworm exam and initial heartworm protection. You must continue heartworm preventative year round and veterinary care such as rabies shot updates, DHLP updates, etc. for the life of your new dog. Your dog has also received a general health check up prior to adoption. All dogs over 1 year of age are spayed or neutered. Dogs under 1 year of age must be spayed/neutered at adulthood.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary depending upon the age of the dog. We will go over the fees after reviewing your application. Adoption fees are subject to change without notice.

All payments for the dogs are paid in advance and are payable to: Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc. If you have additional questions about the adoption process, please contact us at .

Adoption Questions?
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Young children in your home?

Please read if you have young children in your home. If not, skip down one level to the dog adoption contract area.

GRRR, Inc. is a dog first organization. We pride ourselves on making sure that each dog is put with the best possible applicant for his or her needs. With that being said, sometimes we have to take a look at the big picture and avoid putting dogs in circumstances where there may be even a small chance that an incident could occur that would cause the dog to have to be removed from their adoptive home.

We've had so many incidences occur that we had to reevaluate our placement of dogs with children. We will not adopt dogs to families with infants or toddlers. The biggest reason for this rule is the background of our dogs. The majority of these rescued dogs come from shelters as strays or are surrendered to the shelter for problems in their former home and we don’t know their behavioral background. Some dogs are owner surrendered to our organization for various reasons such as illness, death of owner, or financial. However, a very common reason for surrender is because of conflict with a child. For families with children, our foremost concern is for the safety of the children in the adoptive home, but our objective is the FOREVER HOME status of the dogs. We've had countless surrendered animals due to dogs biting children: whether it is the child or the dog at fault is unknown, and full disclosure is not always given to us at the time of surrender.

We have also taken in dogs that have ingested children toys causing life risking obstruction surgery. We were just notified that one of our dogs we had adopted out died during this process. Many dogs have been strays and hunting for food so they guard their food when the children are near or will take food right out of a child’s hand, hurting the child in the process. The energy level and size of a Golden can also be a problem with a small child just learning to walk. Other issues we see are pulling ears, tails, riding the dog, etc., which will also provoke a bite.

We understand that most people want their children to grow up with a dog. Although we are rescuers, we also see the big picture and recommend that people with small children go to a reputable breeder for a golden retriever. We also recommend that the puppy is properly socialized and taken to obedience class.

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being a great family dog, but like any other dog, if you do not spend the time and energy to train the dog, most likely behavioral problems will arise. We do not want to send families away or suggest that they do not rescue a golden from us. We also understand that there are families who teach their children the appropriate way to handle a dog and this will be questioned during your application and home visit process.

We ask to have no families apply to adopt who have childen under 10 years old. If we feel a dog would be well placed with a family with younger children, we will list this on their individual website page.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and understanding our point of view.

Request a Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Adoption Application

1. Please take the time, grab a coffee and read everything above. If you skipped down to this part, you cheated. Go back and read everything above. Do not hurry to write us before reading everything. By writing us before having a complete understanding, it slows down the process for all.

2. If you have children living in your home, read our policies on children stated above.

3. If you do not have a fenced yard, a physical fence or professionally installed invisible fence must be installed prior to moving forward with your dog adoption application. No exceptions. Some dogs for adoption cannot go to homes with invisible fences due to prey drive.

4. Most of our dogs get adopted before ever hitting our website by families who are already pre-approved to adopt. These families have went through the process the filling out the application, a vet check and home visit by a trusted volunteer. When a dog comes into our rescue, pre-approved families that are a great match for the dog get contacted first.

Those pre-approved families who indicate they are willing to "foster to adopt" have indicated to us when submitting their application that they are willing to foster a dog with intentions on adopting soon after. These families get first pick at dogs that arrives in our rescue, each matched to the best approved family for the dog. It's a win for the family and a win for the rescue.

Let us know when you write for an adoption application if you would be willing to be a foster to adopt home.

5. Get an application for adoption: If you have read our adoption policies above and feel you meet our criteria for adoption, please write our adoption team for an adoption application at and include your full home address, your dog history, information on your home life and the dog (s) you are interested in adopting. If you don't see a dog that is a good fit on our website today, and you want to get pre-approved to adopt and wait for a dog to come in, just let us know.

As an additional note, dogs who are rescued from the slaughterhouses in China have additional requirements to adopt, including a physical fenced yard and another dog in the home to help with the transition. These dogs are also a different donation to adopt due to the expense to rescue.

We primarily serve golden retriever dogs in the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana where we can do a home visit by a trusted volunteer.

Thank you
Golden Retriever Rescue Resource

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