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Anastacia is a golden retriever available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
blue dog pawThis is Anastacia, a 4 year old golden retriever dog that as used for breeding. Anastasia was found walking down a road in an Amish area.

Anastacia was not in good condition. She had sores on her ears, a sore in between toes, skin issues, and as it turns out a couple of dead puppies still inside her uterus.

After being spayed, vaccinated and a good start on antibiotics, she came to GRRR. This was paid for by an incredibly generous guardian angel. Her guardian angel thought there might be something wrong with her vision, and once Anastacia was with her foster mom, she too thought there something wrong as well. So after two days in our care, she was taken to an ophthalmologist vet to have her eyes checked. That vet said there was nothing wrong with her eyes, but she was having a neuro issue, recommending she see a neurologist as quickly as possible.

In a matter of hours, Anastacia was rushed to see an incredibly kind neuro vet, In order to diagnose her issue, she needed an MRI. Unfortunately the results shown that Anastacia has hydrocephalus, which means spinal fluid is accumulating on her brain causing it to swell. The neuro vet believes this is most likely congenital and was exacerbated by all of the trauma she had endured with having pups, being dumped, being spayed (saved her life though), which caused the fluid in her brain to increase.

Anastasia was put on medication to help curb this accumulating fluid. Since there was improvement, it was determined to go ahead with surgery to try and save this dog. The medical costs on March 15 were $1,640.00 alone. We needed to raise an additional (approx) $3,500 for the surgery and shunt. We thank our GRRR family and followers who came to our rescue, helping to raise money to save this girl. These kind, loving people are all listed on this page.

Anastacia has been in a foster home since the surgery and is learning how to become a real golden retriever. She was shaved on her head and side for her surgery, and her hair is like "peach fuzz" now and is starting to grow back nicely. She still cannot see very well but that doesn't stop her from trying to figure out how to play with foster mom's dogs. Her new home should have another dog so she can learn, yet a calm dog that won't rough house with her and pull her shunt out by accident. It's important to have the time to be able to watch over Anastacia to make sure her shunt stays in place.

She is starting to do dog things now, like wagging her tail when she is really excited, chewing on toys and being able to sniff out her favorites. She is also starting to come around to her foster mom for attention, even lying next to her every once in a while for affection. Adjusting to being loved and a life inside a home for puppy mill dog takes time and commitment. She has yet to become fully housebroken, but is better and we are hoping someday that she will be fully housebroken.

Anastacia has come so far since she arrived in our adoption program. Her next step is to find a home that will be the perfect fit for her. If you think your family is perfect for Anastacia, please read our complete adoption policies and follow the directions from there.
Golden Angel Sponsors
Golden Angel Sponsorship Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Golden Angel Sponsors

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  • Cathy Taylor
  • Sewa Bhatt
  • Barbara & Joanne Gardner in memory of Precious, our sweet golden girl who had hydrocephalus & we got to enjoy her for 10 years.
  • Sarah Bryan in memory of Emmett.
  • Jan Fountain
  • Wanda Pulfer --prayers for sweet Anastacia.
  • Sancy Mehringer
  • Pat Cheesbro
  • Paul Yaskanin in honor of Molly & Sara
  • Cheryl Goodall
  • Michele Ryan-Johnston
  • Cynthia Moore in honor of Cookie & Miller
  • Paul Yaskanin from Molly & Sara
  • Alexandria Popovich in memory of Riley & Allie Popovich
  • Sheryl Raittz in honor of Jordan
  • Philip Brubaker
  • Laura Frazier
  • Bradford Davis in memory of wonderful Goldens; Bruce, Sandy & Gibby. Prayers for Anastacia.
  • Shirley Fischbach
  • Steven Kammeyer on behalf of Ashley Dunbar - a Golden lover and mother-for her birthday. Love you most!
  • Your Name Here!
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Golden VIP Sponsors
Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Golden VIP sponsorship Golden Retriever Rescue Resource VIP Sponsors

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  • Kayleigh Pietraszak
  • Kathleen Keim
  • Kristen Sammons
  • Matthew Franzen
  • Matthew Crosby in memory of my precious golden angel, Bailey. Enjoy paradise sweet girl. Daddy will be there when God calls.
  • Karen Springer in honor of sweet Jack, adopted 4/1/2017.
  • Tracy Fitzgibbon in memory of Shayla, who was my precious angel from GRRR. You are missed truly every single moment.Get well little girl. We are rooting for you!
  • Robert Osgood
  • Patricia Schlarb
  • Janet A. Bergsman
  • Andra Cameron in honor of sweet Ginger whos story was similar to Anastacia's.
  • Jim & Georgia Whitney in memory of Hazard
  • Stephanie Hayner
  • Bridget Merritt
  • Suzie McMullen
  • Kelley Gardner
  • Judy A. Kahn
  • Beverly Comings
  • Suzanne Brickey in honor of Max
  • Lisa Merz, for Anastacia.
  • Elena West, my heart breaks for her! Good Luck!
  • Beverly Bonasorte in honor of Bonasorte's Braveheart Bear
  • James Rieder
  • Michael Jacobs
  • Cathy Simonds in honor of Sugar
  • Paula Neal
  • Megan Brophy in honor of Lexi
  • Steven L. Gilbert
  • Cathleen Netter
  • Mary Daney
  • Jeannette Zeiler and Lucky, Calli & Sebastain
  • Karen Van Nort
  • Heather Fisher in memory of our precious goldens, Phoebe & Donner, who both lost their battles with cancer last year. We miss you dearly Phoebe & Donner and will see you someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Larry Wilson
  • Dee Stotz
  • Richard Sherman
  • Robert Notestine
  • Julie Arens
  • from Apollo Showalter
  • Cynthia Hinds
  • Vikki Jean Mixon
  • Lynn Lozon in honor of my Aubrey Lynn.
  • Janis Cook in honor of Bob Jr. (Toby)
  • Jim and Tami Jordan in honor of Gunner & Logan and in memory of Shadow.
  • Richard Pilatowski in honor of Abbey & Colby
  • Jan Vincent
  • Robert Thornton
  • Jean Schultz in memory of Cody & Baxter.
  • Deb Naymick-Ryder & I are pulling for you! We wish you all the best during your surgery. We hope you'll find the perfect match, just like Ryder and I are perfect for each other.
  • Betty Emery-best wishes and prayers for her and everyone!
  • Bonnie Westfall, in honor of Willow, a GRRR adopted dog.
  • Nancy Applegate, praying for Anastacia!
  • Katherine Katona
  • Ann Gallagher
  • Brenda Warman
  • Diane Lorant
  • Sandra Moffett, in loving memory of Barbara Luebke
  • Kathryn Tulman in honor of Micah, our first GRRR love.
  • Jett Spitaleri
  • Catherine Herron, honoring Theodore Redd Bear
  • Doris Pressley
  • Margaret Blood
  • Cynthia Getz
  • the Tweedy family
  • the Nedroscik family
  • Your Name Here!
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