Ollie  is a golden retriever available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, a golden retriever rescue serving Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.blue dog paw
Meet six year old Oliver, who we have named Ollie #2 for short. He was at a Humane Society in Indiana and was adopted out then returned by a family who didn't have the time for him. He was adopted next and returned by a second family who was moving and couldn't take Ollie along. In his last home (yes three), he had an unfortunate incident that no one at the Humane Society believed. They were told he bit a woman when she pointed to his bed and told him to get into the bed. Everyone guesses she pointed to the bed and he didn't go, she probably grabbed his collar and possibly dragged him, which he is sensitive to having done. The Humane Society reached out to a bunch of rescues, and we were the only ones that answered them. Their plan was to euthanize him so they were incredibly thankful that we took him as they were all pretty attached to sweet Ollie.

Now with our rescue, he's been in a foster home without any issue whatsoever. Since he has been in four homes, he will need lots of time to slowly adjust and understand he will be staying and loved in his permanent home. He will need your time and your patience.

Ollie was good with other dogs, but had a little spiff with his foster sisters recently. He MAY be best placed as the only dog in the home. He is also housebroken and foster mom says he is just a big goof ball who loves to head butt you when he gets excited! If you say "sit", he will lay down, but that's ok :) Foster mom is taking it slow and easy with him to give him time to get acclimated before trying anything new. He had is vacs and his flu shot with no trouble.

Because we don't know his entire background, we suggest no children under 10 years old in the home with this adoption. Ollie will need a very stable home that will be there for the rest of his life, as all of this moving about is not good for any dog. If you would like to be considered to adopt Ollie, please read our adoption policies and follow the directions from there.
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