A golden doodle puppy who is available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, a golden retriever rescue serving Ohio, Indiana and dog paw
Lillie is a 6 month old, first generation golden doodle. She is your typical puppy with the high-energy level most doodles have. Lillie loves long runs, carrying sticks in her mouth and adores other dogs and puppies.

Lillie is pretty full of herself and needs to learn manners. This includes dropping something she shouldn't have, not jumping on people and walking well on a leash. She would be the perfect dog for someone who understands high energy golden doodle puppies and how to make them great adult dogs. Because of her confidence, it would be best if she were in a home with people who are certainly not first time dog owners.
Rescued goldendoodle for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.
Lillie will need training and your house will need to be "puppy proofed" for sure! Puppies this young and energetic will not be happy being crated all day while someone is at work. Lillie will need someone who has the energy to train her. She would be a great dog for someone who works from home, a retired couple--but still very young Lillie a golden doodle puppy available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.enough to train, walk her and constantly burn off that energy, someone who has a very good dog walker who comes over or a good doggy daycare you can use.

We would prefer a physical fence for this girl and positively no kids under the age of 10 as anything on the floor will be in this girls mouth. Our restrictions do get even tighter for dogs like Lillie as we want to be sure whoever adopts her will have good success at teaching her how to be the great family member that we all know she will be some day.

If you sound like the perfect home for Lillie, the first step to adopt this dog is to carefully read our adoption policies here and follow the directions from there.
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