Ralphie - Adopted

Ralphie is a golden retriever mix, available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
blue dog pawLove golden retrievers, but would rather have one on the smaller size? Meet Ralphie! He is a small golden mix, only weighing almost 35.8 pounds. Ralphie is a youngster too, and is just about 8 months old.

He came to us from West Virgina on right before Christmas. He most likely will be staying on the smaller size when full grown. Ralphie is good with other dogs, but but still is learning how to play appropriately. He is not housebroken, so he will need to learn how to go out and go potty. Ralphie is curious about cats, but no aggression has been seen.

Ralphie needs to learn how to walk on a leash and could benefit from obedience training with his new owner for bonding. Yes, he has lots to learn as a teenager, but he is smart and really, really sweet. He is obviously worth the time and effort to make him a wonderful family member.

With no history known as he was found as a stray, no children under the age of ten with this adoption please. We have several approved applicants that we are going through to figure out the right forever home. If you would like to get in line to possibly adopt Ralphie or another dog, the first step to adoption is to read our adoption requirements to make sure you qualify and then just follow the directions from there.

Ralphie is currently being treated for pneumonia. You can still apply for his adoption now, but he will need to feel better before he can go to his forever home.
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