Sari - Surgery scheduled August 16th

We must write a check for Sari's heart surgery. Please help us!

Jenny and Gizmo are available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
blue dog pawMeet Sari, a 4 month old sweet little golden retriever female puppy who was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue Resource in order to treat her heart condition and then find her a new home.

Sari's family purchased her from a breeder, only to find out she had a heart murmur and possible aortic stenosis. She was surrendered to our rescue in hopes that with your kind donations , we could treat her and find her a loving home. We had no idea how bad the news was going to be for this little one.

Sari had an appointment with a cardiologist on June 19th to have an echocardiogram done to determine the extent of her disease. It didn't go very well. Sari not only has severe SAS (Subvalvular aortic stenosis, the most common congenital heart disease in Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands and Rottweilers), but she also has an issue with the right ventricle in the heart. This is one of those times we had to make a decision whether to just let Sari live out her very short predicted life or try to give her a lot more time with a very specialized surgery. Our board approved to move on with a $5000 to $8000 surgery to save Sari. Do we have this money? No and we still do not. We are still raising funds to help pay for Sari's surgery scheduled for August 16th.

We need to raise it immediately to pay this bill. Can you PLEASE help our all volunteer organization and Sari? We simply cannot manage this without your help. Please take the time to donate today and we thank you so very much! We will also list your "in memory of" or "in honor of" donation right here on the page.
Let us tell you a little bit about this sweet puppy. Sari is housebroken, knows sit, down and needs a little more work walking on a leash. She is your typical golden retriever puppy, wanting to play with her foster sister and loves lots of people attention. Her previous family had a cat that Sari would love to try and get her to play. The family also had young children in the home. However, since she is a puppy and could be prone to eating the wrong thing; kids toys, socks, etc., we would prefer a home where someone is home a good deal of the time and with no kids under the age of 10 years old.

Sari will be adopted out to a lucky family after her successful heart surgery. If you feel your family would be a good fit to adopt Sari, please read our adoption requirements and follow the directions from there.
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