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Chaz, Charlie is a golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and dog pawChaz (real name Charlie) had a bit of a hard life. The woman that had him recently passed away and no one in the family was able to take the boy. Chaz lived a month in the house with no one there and one kind neighbor feeding him and letting him out. Unfortunately, the woman that had him had note taken very good care of him, so he had chronic ear infections, was flea infested, and was overweight from being fed junk food (ugh, Ol Roy).

The first ingredient in Ol Roy dog food is corn, which holds little nutritional value for humans or dogs. The next ingredient is meat and bone meal. This does not say what meat it is, and according to Dog Food Advisor it say's, "since there’s no mention of a specific animal, this item could come from almost anywhere: roadkill, spoiled supermarket meat, dead, diseased or dying cattle — even euthanized pets." Also, in case you are not aware the drug, pentobarbital, used to euthanize our sweet pets, is showing up in some dog foods and that is because they are using euthanized pets from pounds, etc. There have been cases of dogs dying due to the dog food, containing pentobarbital. Paying attention to the ingredients in your dog's food is important (take time today to check it out). Back to Chaz, poor quality dog food could be the cause of Chaz's chronic ear infections.

Like most large breed dogs, Chaz has some arthritis in his hips, and we have him on NSAID, glucosamine, and a fish oil supplement to start making it easier. Plus, as he loses some weight, it will make it easier for Chaz to get up and down. Chaz is good with other dogs and cats love him, as the neighbor said whenever he had Chaz outside the feral cats would congregate around him! We've had 4 or 5 other dogs rush up to him at a time and it doesn't phase him a bit. He loves everyone!

Chaz, who is 10 years old, would love to find a home with people wanting to spoil a senior pup, and in return he'll provide unconditional love and devotion. Because the seniors don't need a lot of commotion in their lives, a home with kids 10 and older would be best.

If you would like to be considered to adopt Chaz or another golden retriever, please read our adoption policies and follow the directions from there.
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