Maddy is a Golden Retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource
Maddy came to us after living in a barn for sometime. Soon after her arrival she was all set to go to her forever home when we discovered she was pregnant. Maddy gave birth to 12 golden retriever puppies who are all now adopted or pending adoption. Maddy who is just 2 years old and is a Velcro golden retriever who just loves her people. We are looking for a foster-to-adopt family currently for Maddy. In mid February, she was diagnosed with Blastomycosis, which is treated with anti-fungal agents such as fluconazole and itraconazole and are well-tolerated by most dogs with relatively few side effects compared to the agents being used several years ago. She had a low number of 3, which is good and as soon as she has 3 negative tests, we will consider her in remission. She had her first negative test in April. She'll have another month on the drug and then she will be tested again. If we get a third 0 then the testing can be spaced out further. We feel really good about where Maddy is at now with the blasto so now she just needs help finding her permanent home. She can be adopted now with the understanding we want her to go through the remainder of her testing. Ask us about this!

Maddy has been in several foster homes. Her first foster had surgery, so we needed to bring Maddy closer to us in Toledo where she was placed in a foster to adopt home who discovered someone in the family was allergic to long fur hair. Maddy is now in her third foster home and awaits her forever home currently.

Maddy LOVES attention! She is very gentle, laid back, and tries hard to be obedient. She didn't have much, if any, training or socializing before she came to her foster home. But she is a quick learner, and is VERY treat motivated. You have to make her SIT for a treat, because she gets a bit hyper if you don't. She gets along fine with foster mom's Frenchie, (we don't know about cats) and will share all toys except bones. She enjoys a slow paced game of fetch and will return a ball or other tossed toy to you a few times. The low energy right now is mostly due to the blastomycosis and meds she is on.

Maddy is completely and reliably housebroken and is now trained to ring the jingle bells hanging on the back door. She takes her time finding "just the right spot" to potty. Maddy knows what "potty" means, and understands what the word "puppy supper" is and heads straight to her bowls and waits...or dances.

Maddy a golden retriever for adoption asleep with her foster pal Frenchie.She is happily crate trained for night time and will go in as soon as you open the door. Maddy is accustomed to getting a "nightline-night treat", which are her Hip and Joint Chews. She's super easy to groom and tolerates being bathed by the hose in summer and in the tub/shower in winter. It is easy to trim paws and nails - she just rolls over and lets you do whatever needs to be done.

Maddy takes her medicine like a champ. Foster mom uses Pill Pockets sometimes, but hiding small tablets in her bowl of food usually works fine. Capsules are buried in a spoonful of canned food.

Maddy doesn't have hardly any bad traits. She paws at you to get attention, which is a golden retriever thing :) If you know goldens, they do this for almost everything. Sometimes she gets carried away with the paw and her foster family is teaching her "no paw". When she wants to be petted, she'll lay her head in your lap or next to you - and doesn't move away easily until she's had her fill of pets.

Maddy responds to "go lay down" and gets into a car with ease. She walks on a leash, but pulls and will need more training here. Maddy is VERY timid about going new places and meeting new people. Helping her with socialization will greatly help in small doses. It does take a fair amount of reassurance to relax.

Maddy resource guards high value bones (chews, stuff with flavor) and her food bowl (not with people, with other dogs), so Maddy should be fed separately. You as her human can take any bone away from her however.

Going to the vets can be a challenge as it is with many dogs. She is always ready to head to the door and go home. She will also "pancake" while in the room. With a lot of coaxing ("It's OK Mattie" in a soothing voice seems to work best) she will finally go with the tech or doctor. Otherwise, she submits to procedures very well.

Maddy is currently eating Purina One Plus Digestive Adult and never turns away any food or treat :) We welcome your applications now to adopt Maddy. The first step is to read "How to Adopt" and follow the directions if you qualify.

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