Jojo is a golden retriever rescued from the slaughterhouses in China and available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, a golden retriever rescue serving Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Watch a video about me! JoJo is three years old and was rescued from a truck on the way to the meat market in China when the truck was intercepted by rescue workers that were able to secure his freedom. Once he got to our rescue, he went through two foster homes that unfortunately didn't give him time to decompress from all he had been through in his short life, which made everything harder for this dog. No one gave him a chance and he has spent months with a trainer who has helped him.

Because of his life in China, Jo Jo went through what our trainer calls "trigger stacking". Things just mounted up that caused him lots of anxiety and it was hard for him to trust people. He has been working with this trainer for sometime and we all now feel he is finally ready to go to his forever home. Jennifer, the trainer has been teaching him that people are OK, and how to react differently when he gets nervous. We are looking for a family who is willing to put in the work to earn Jo Jo's trust. Because he went through so much, Jo Jo will need time to lots of time to decompress in your home as well. Jennifer will be offering training for this to make sure Jo Jo is fully comfortable with his new family. If you want to be Jo Jo's new family, you will need to be patient, kind and willing to understand that this dog has boundaries and rules that must be followed in order for him to be a successful dog. We do not want him to fail.

Our rescue requires a physical fenced yard for Jo Jo. Because he was in such a small crate in China and because they were not kind to him, Jo Jo does have hand shyness which he is working through. We want to prevent hands that are too close to Jo Jo's face near a barrier like when a fence is present.

Jo Jo has basic obedience in place such as sit, lay down, stay, wait, leave it, drop it, etc. He will come when called and is great on a leash. Jo Jo will also do long distance recall as well as has behavior modification cues, which will all be shown to you as his new family. We want Jo Joe to be mentally and physically stimulated wherever he goes.

His new family will go through owner education and you'll go through training on his commands, plus learn counter conditioning that will keep him successful and not reintroduce trigger stacking. All this will prepare you to be completely comfortable with handling Jo Jo. Jo Jo loves to play fetch and bring his squeak toy back to you.

We are looking for a quiet, respectful household who will follow the directions set forth by the trainer. No children please. We want a couple or person who will provide enrichment and lots of exercise. Jo Jo would be an excellent running partner on a quiet trail without a ton of people and distractions.

We will be very particular with Jo Jo's new family. This is a special dog who is simply beautiful and we look forward to a beautiful, patient family to come a long who really wants to be a part of his success story.

This is a handsome boy who deserves the best family and a couch to lay on. If you are interested in learning more, please read "How to Adopt" and follow the directions from there. Golden Retriever for adoption. Jojo is a golden retriever in need of a home through GRRR in Toledo Ohio Click "next golden" below to see the next dog for adoption.
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