Clover - Pending Adoption

Clover is a puppy mill golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource. Meet Clover, a resilient golden retriever who celebrated her 5th birthday on December 30th, 2023 Originally rescued from the confines of a golden retriever puppy mill, Clover arrived at our rescue terrified and uncertain about the world. With time, patience, and an abundance of love in her foster home, Clover has made remarkable progress.

Clover after one of her 5K runs with foster mom. Clover is a golden retriever rescued from a puppy mill and ready for adoption at Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.Initially, Clover displayed more timidity indoors than outdoors, but her transformation is amazing. Now, she exudes confidence and comfort in her foster home, thanks in part to the companionship of another beautiful golden retriever who has been guiding her through the journey.

Since her arrival, Clover has become completely housebroken and has embraced the joys of dog-friendly outings, gradually growing more at ease in social situations. Clover's favorite place is the park or outside in general, where she revels in running distances and is becoming increasingly comfortable with people. She excels at walking on a leash and enjoys multiple daily walks, along with a love for swimming. While car rides used to be intimidating, she is learning to relax, taking cues from the other dog in her foster home. If she is still in our care on February 17th, 2024. Clover will have spent 365 days in our rescue, patiently awaiting her forever family. Why? Because we have been waiting for just the perfect home. Despite her incredible qualities, the right family has not yet come forward, yet. Clover's journey from a puppy mill survivor to a more confident and spirited companion is truly inspiring.

Clover, a golden retriever for adoption to homes in select areas of Ohio, Michigan and IndianaClover thrives when outdoors, especially when running around the yard or going for a run with her foster mom and golden retriever sister. She even completed two 5ks within a week this last Fall, covering an impressive 17.25 miles with training runs included. Clover's achievements extend to treeing a squirrel, starting to play with toys, and playfully teasing her foster Mom by stealing a sock. While Clover may not engage in typical dog-to-dog play, she possesses a gentle soul that would complement another dog's presence in a home. As Valentine's Day approaches, Clover hopes to find her forever home, filled with love and understanding.

If you have another dog in your home and would like to foster-to-adopt Clover, the first step is to read ""How To Adopt"" and follow the directions from there if you qualify.

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