blue dog pawIt's not too late to help us every time you shop!

Shop at Kroger and help Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.

Reward these beautiful golden retriever dogs every time you shop at Kroger stores. If you have a Community Club Rewards card, you MUST renew each April to participate for the next year. It is never too late to renew or sign up and it helps our bottom line at an average of $500 each quarter! We really need this money to survive so take a minute and sign up or renew now.

Here is all you have to do! For a member to re-enroll their card simply go to • Click “sign-in” • Put in your email address and password that they used to enroll their card. • Put in the group number 83931 if you shop in Ohio or 90703 if you shop in Michigan, or simply type in Golden Retriever Rescue Resource. Click Enroll. You are now enrolled for the May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017 year of Kroger Community Rewards.

If you don't have a rewards card, simply go to • Click “create an account” • Put in your email address and password. Confirm their password • Enter plus card OR alt ID number • Go to Community Rewards (near bottom) • Follow through the steps. (name, address, etc.) • Put in the 90703 if you live in Michigan or 83931 if you live in Ohio or Golden Retriever Rescue Resource. Click Enroll.