Help golden retrievers every time you shop!

Swipe your card when you shop and help Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.

Enroll in Kroger Rewards Program and help GRRR golden retriever dogs everytime you shop at Kroger.Reward these beautiful golden retriever dogs every time you shop at Kroger stores.
If you are not enrolled with the Kroger Community Rewards program, it costs you nothing to enroll. This does however have a major impact on our medical expenses, as Kroger donates a little everytime you shop! It's a win win!

Enroll now and make sure you indicate your non-profit of choice is Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc. Usually you'll find a "search" button, type in "Golden Retriever Rescue Resource" and we'll pop up. Our Kroger number is QR144 for those living in Michigan. Our number is XK485 for those living in Ohio. Help Golden Retriever Rescue and enroll today!

Think you are already giving back to our rescue via the Kroger Community Rewards program? Just take a minute and check please. Our new number is QR144 for homes living in Michigan and XK485 for those living in Ohio. Re-enroll now! Help Golden Retriever Rescue.

When you create an account, you will be able to "support our non-profit" and search for "golden". We will pop up under Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Inc, number QR144 for those living in Michigan and XK485 for those living in Ohio.

If you have any questions, please just ask. Thank you as this REALLY helps our medical expenses and costs you nothing.