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Our veterinary bills are in the thousands on a continuous basis. We rely completely on your donations to vet and place our abandoned rescued golden retrievers. We have no paid staff so your money goes directly to work for the dogs.

As an all volunteer, 501 c(3) non-profit organization, we need your financial assistance each month to survive. We thank you so very much for all your donations. It truly means so much to these dogs and to all our volunteers.

These dogs wouldn't stand a chance without you. If you cannot donate your time to golden retriever rescue, give back the best way by donating. Your donations are "tax deductible".

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    Leave us a message in the "note to seller" section and make your donation in honor or memory of your favorite dog or human :)
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  • Monthly Donation
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  • Golden VIP Sponsorship
  • Golden VIP Sponsorship
  • Your donation of any amount helps to fund our growing, extra medical care expenses.

    We list your name as a VIP sponsor next to your chosen dog.
  • List the name of the dog who wish to sponsor in the "Add Dogs Name & Your Message Here" section during check out. We thank you so very much.
  • Golden Angel Sponsorship
  • Golden Angel Sponsorship
  • Sponsor the golden retriever of your choice and we'll list your name next to their feature on this website.
  • List the name of the dog in the "Add Dogs Name & Your Message Here" section during check out. Become a golden angel today, thank you!

If you cannot help financially, we always need...

Gas Cards, Stamps, Gift Cards, Ink Cartridges, your volunteer time and more.