Bria & Telly - Pending Adoption

Mini Golden Doodles are golden doodle puppies for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.Four month old mini doodles surrendered who were surrendered to GRRR. These girls have recessed vulvas. This is when the vulva does not protrude out as far as normal so there are folds of skin around the vulva that can result in a build up of bacteria. With this bacteria build up a urinary tract infection can occur. Sometimes as the pups grow the vulva starts to protrude out more and the problem is solved. Other times surgery is needed to remove the folds of skin so the bacteria can't collect. The breeder decided to do the right thing by the pups and surrendered them over to GRRR to watch over them as they grow and give them the medical attention they may need. Typically no surgery is done until the pup is full grown and it is known for sure the surgery is needed. Both girls have gone into foster to adopt homes. Bria is absolutely in her forever home and we await to hear if Telly will be adopted by her family. If for some reason Telly's home doesn't work out, we will post it here.

See what happens when you are pre-approved to adopt a dog! You might end up with an amazing little surprise like these babies. If you too would like to become a foster to adopt home, the first step is to read our adoption policies . If you qualify, follow the directions from there, letting us know you want to get pre-qualified to adopt a dog and are willing to foster to adopt. Don't forget your full home address.

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